Friday, January 27, 2006

If you can't beat 'em, promote 'em

What the heck is going on here!?!

Prosecutor Will Step Down From Lobbyist Case

The investigation of Jack Abramoff, the disgraced Republican lobbyist, took a surprising new turn on Thursday when the Justice Department said the chief prosecutor in the inquiry would step down next week because he had been nominated to a federal judgeship by President Bush.

This is just wrong in so many ways. How can they get away with this? How can this administration be so brash and nobody even blinks an eye? It’s outrageous!
Imagine if Ken Starr had suddenly cut short his Whitewater investigation because President Clinton had appointed him to be a federal appeals court judge? Would the Republicans have stood for that? Would the media??

The prosecutor, Noel L. Hillman, is chief of the department's public integrity division, and the move ends his involvement in an inquiry that has reached into the administration as well as the top ranks of the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill.

How convenient. And such perfect timing! But I’m sure it’s just another coincidence.

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