Monday, January 09, 2006

San Antonio blogging update

It’s been almost a year since my last San Antonio blogger update, and since then the local blogging community has expanded ten-fold.
One big change is that the San Antonio Express-News, to its credit, has embraced blogging and now lets its reporters set up blogs off of their main site. They also have a section on the side of the page where they link to “other area blogs” including mine. While this list is helpful, it is not all inclusive and includes a lot of blogs that are not from San Antonio.
So to obtain a comprehensive list of local bloggers I have sifted through lists on a number of local sites and checked each one for recent activity and some evidence of a San Antonio connection. I have also tried to group blogs based on their political ideology. Blogs that have not been updated in more than six months were left off. I also did not include a few blogs which seemed to be devoted entirely to personal and family matters.
I’m sure that I have left many blogs off. It is almost impossible to tell where a blog is based if the author doesn’t choose to include that small detail somewhere on the site and if they never address local issues or happenings.

Rhetoric & Rhythm - that’s my blog.
The Agonist by Sean-Paul Kelley, a progressive community weblog dedicated to international commentary, news and politics. Recently, Kelley has also been guest hosting a weekly radio program at AM550 KTSA.
B and B by P.M. Bryant focuses on science and environmental issues
The Jeffersonian is great for local politics and sports and is authored by the anonymous Cincinnatus.
NewsHog is a group news and commentary site which has at least one of its main contributors - Cernig - based here.
The Red State by Eddie Rodriguez is keyed into state politics.
Just Another Blog by Matt is another good place for local and state political news.
Then there are a few that I am not all that familiar with:
buddenblog (not updated since Oct. 2005)
saapacblog That’s the San Antonio Area Progressive Action Coalition which is news to me.
Larry For the Lege by some folks challenging Frank Corte Jr. for state representative in my district.
The Kendallian by some Democrats out in Boerne.

All Things Conservative by Bill Crawford (on hiatus) is an invaluable source for positive news coming out of Iraq and also a popular site for folks on the right and left to debate the issues.
The View From The Nest by the Ranten Raven
But That's Just My Opinion by Jimmy Kerr
Pete The Elder by Pete.
Roscoe’s Excuse by Roscoe Ellis
Raving Heretic by Rick
Dead Can’t Rant by Dave and Renee
Tex the Pontificator (shut down)
Surgical Steel
Dagney's Rant
Conservative Dialysis
The Daily Brief

The Price of Liberty (not updated since Oct. 2005)
San Antonio Politics
Alan Weinkrantz PR Web Log a local PR guru who is pioneering the use of blogging in the business world.
SAtechBlog also by Alan Weinkrantz
Real Live Preacher by Gordon Atkinson, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in San Antonio.
The Main Point Blog by Michael Main (and one of Gordon’s parishoners).

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