Monday, April 04, 2005

San Antonio blogging update

I checked my blog on Sunday and was surprised to see that I had more than 65 hits that day. On an average day during the week I generally get about half that many hits and on Sundays it is generally down to almost nothing. So this was quite unusual.
As it turns out I was privileged to be mentioned in a post by Sean-Paul Kelley on The Agonist, a progressive community weblog dedicated to international commentary, news and politics. The Agonist apparently generates quite a bit of traffic because just the brief mention of my blog in Sean-Paul’s post gave me more hits in one day than I think I have ever seen.

The reason for Sean-Paul’s interest in my site was his recent discovery that we are both based in San Antonio. The local blogging community (at least for political blogs) has grown exponentially in the past few months. Some of the new local blogs that have popped up (new to me, at least) include P.M. Bryant’s B and B, which focuses on science and environmental issues; The Jeffersonian with its focus on local politics and sports and authored by the anonymous Cincinnatus; and the group news and commentary site NewsHog, which has at least one of its main contributors - Cernig - based here.

On the other side of the aisle, the conservatives are well represented by Alamo City Commando and his S.A. Express-News Watch site which takes the local daily to task for being (ahem) too liberal. Commando recently welcomed old-timer Mark Harden to his site as a regular contributor. Mark’s former blog InSane Antonio preceded mine by several months.
I’m not sure who had the first blog up in San Antonio. That title could belong to Roscoe Ellis who to my dismay announced just this weekend that he is shuttering his Online Journal.
Some other local conservative blogs I have discovered recently include Ranten Raven’s The View From The Nest;  Raving Heretic by Rick; Dead Can’t Rant by Dave and Renee; and the self-titled Tex the Pontificator.
Ben Kaminar, a St. Mary’s University law student has shut down Ben's World, which had a politically conservative focus, and is now considering starting a new blog with a focus on his religious studies.

There are some other local bloggers like Real Live Preacher and The Main Point Blog by Michael Main, who kind of operate in their own little cyber universes. And I am sure there are many more that I have missed.
All in all I’d say that we have the potential for some rather lively discussions with this diverse group.


Just came across two more San Antonio-based bloggers, both from the conservative side:
But That's Just My Opinion by Jimmy Kerr and Pete The Elder by Pete.

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