Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New old music

New albums out by The Rolling Stones and Sir Paul McCartney and they both look promising.

Critics are comparing the Stone’s new album to the best work they’ve done since the early 1970s. Likewise, I have seen glowing reviews of McCartney’s new album that say it is the best he has done in several decades.

I’ll be interested to see how much of that is more than marketing hype. I’ll be happy with some halfway decent music. I don’t tend to be as picky as most rock music critics. I discovered the Stones in the mid-70s when they were in their Pretty Girls and Tattoo You era. But I didn’t actually buy any of their music until I was in college and the first one I got was Exiles on Main Street which is still my all-time favorite.

I first discovered Paul McCartney when he was singing duets with Stevie Wonder. It wasn’t until much later that I connected him with the Beatles and became a huge fan. I really liked his late ‘80s album Press To Play which tends to get overlooked these days.

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