Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Blogging MIAs

It looks like we’ve lost another one. Alamo City Commando has apparently pulled down his Express-News Watch blog site. Unlike other blogger MIAs, Commando didn’t just stop posting to his site, he deleted it. So as best I can tell it is gone. That is too bad. While I didn’t agree with most of Commando’s views, I thought they were a constructive place to start a dialogue on important issues.
As I’ve said before, I don’t think the media has a left or right bias so much as it has a money bias. Newspapers are businesses and they will tend to favor the views of their readership in an effort to sell the most papers.
But many more people probably share Commando’s views than mine, so it is important for newspapers to address his criticism’s straight-on, correct mistakes, defend their integrity and rebuild their trust with the public.
Commando’s departure from the blogging scene will also put the Alamo City Crossfire site on hiatus. The next debate topic was supposed to be on global warming, but it looks now like that may not happen. I’ll go ahead and keep my link to the site in the event that I can one day attract some other folks to participate in a debate or a dialogue on the major issues of the day.

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