Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Why I won't be moving to Alabama anytime soon

No More Mr. Nice Blog has a good rundown on the sad situation in Alabama where a Republican governor tried to do something to fix the state's miserably regressive tax system only to get slapped down by the very people he was trying to help.

"...austerity measures needed to balance the budget were likely to include cuts of more than 20 percent at some agencies, steep cuts in money for school textbooks and supplies and cuts in money for already overcrowded prisons that could force officials to grant early parole to thousands of nonviolent felons."

Susan Pace Hamill, the Alabama law professor and divinty school graduate who influenced Gov. Riley's change of heart on taxes, summarized the arguments for the change in tax structure here.

She notes that:

"The moral well being of a society is judged on how the powerful treat "the least of these" and Alabama miserably fails this test."

And it looks like Alabama will continue to fail this test for the foreseeable future.

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