Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Acorn double standard

Let me see if I have this Acorn thing straight....
A wingnut on a crusade with a video camera manages to videotape of couple of poorly trained Acorn employees doing and saying some stupid and reprehensible things...
(He conveniently does not show anyone the videos he took of Acorn workers who did not fall for the scam)
In response, the federal government is cutting off Acorn from future government contracts and Republicans want to strip them of all current funding as well.

So what about KBR/Halliburton? A couple of KBR employees were involved in a gang rape of a fellow employee a couple of years ago. That would seem to be infinitely worse than what the Acorn employees did. And yet, KBR has continued to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracts since that occurred. And there are no cries from Republicans to strip them of funding.
I wonder why that is?

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