Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Honoring Ted Kennedy

With Ted Kennedy’s passing it will become imperative for Democrats to pass health insurance reform in his memory. Republican obstinance and abuse of the filibuster procedure will necessitate that at least part of the bill be passed through the reconciliation process.
Republicans fought for six months to keep Al Franken from taking his rightful place in the Senate. Now they will have another six months during which Democrats will be one vote short of what is needed to break their never-ending filibusters. It will take that long before a special election can be held to fill Kennedy’s seat. State Democratic lawmakers in Massachussetts shot themselves in the foot by passing a short-sighted law a while back to deny then-Gov. Mitt Romney the power to appoint a temporary replacement. Their display of partisan spitefulness will now cost Democrats an important vote for the rest of the year.

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