Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guns at Obama events

Man carries assault rifle to Obama protest

A man toting an assault rifle was among a dozen protesters carrying weapons while demonstrating outside President Obama’s speech to veterans on Monday, but no laws were broken. It was the second instance in recent days in which weapons have been seen near presidential events.

What do they mean ‘no laws were broken’? This is completely nuts! This guy should have been tackled by the Secret Service, tied up and thrown in the pokey for the duration of the president’s visit. I can’t believe people are acting like it is no big deal for some nutjob to carry a loaded assault rifle (or any type of gun) to a presidential campaign event.
Can you imagine the reaction if a radical from some group like the Black Panthers or a follower of Louis Farrakhan had shown up with a gun at a rally for Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s? Would people have shrugged and said the person was just exercising their 2nd Amendment rights?

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