Friday, May 08, 2009

Local talk radio radicals

Sometimes I am shocked by how radical the local wingnut radio talk show hosts are. This morning while driving in to work I was desperately flipping the dial trying to avoid the bi-annual NPR pledge drive and ended up on the Trey Ware morning show on KTSA. I’ve always assumed KTSA was the more moderate alternative to the Fox-affiliated WOAI, which broadcasts Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck, but after listening to Trey Ware talk about the U.S. tax system for 30 minutes I am no longer so sure. First, it is maddening to hear Ware, who has absolutely no formal education in economics or government, lecture his audience about the marvels of tax cuts. I wanted to throttle the guy and scream “What do you think Bush did for the past eight years!?! Tax cuts and more tax cuts and all we got was massive deficits and a weak economy that nosedived into a major recession.

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