Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life on Mars canceled

I just learned today to my great despair that the TV show "Life on Mars" has been canceled after just one season. It now joins Firefly as one of my favorite shows to last only one season.
The only good news is that they gave the show's creators enough forewarning that they were able to film a series finale episode that resolved the show. I haven't seen it yet, but my understanding is that they did a good job wrapping up the series.
But still, there is no reason why the show couldn't have continued for several more seasons at least. It was a fun show with a terrific cast. I am so depressed.
All I can figure is that the TV executives closely monitor my viewing habits and use it as a reverse poll, canceling shows that I watch and promoting shows that I avoid. How else to explain the sudden death of Boston Legal last year. The early demise of My Own Worst Enemy early this season. The end of ER, which I watched regularly, and now the end of Life on Mars.
Lately, I have also been watching Dollhouse, the news series by Buffy the Vampire creator Joss Whedon, and Castle, the crime drama starring Nathan Filion of Firefly fame. So be warned because both these shows are sure to be canceled as well. I would be shocked if either is approved for a second season.
Since the network TV executives are working so hard to prevent me from having any shows to watch on TV, I may have to oblige and finally give in. When Lost finally ends in another year or two I may be completely out of options.

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