Friday, September 05, 2008

Post convention thoughts

The Republican convention seemed to be going really well until they brought out the wrinkly old white-haired guy.
And what was that greenscreen he was standing in front of?
As it turns out, it was a picture of Walter Reed Middle School in California.
Why? It was supposed to be Walter Reed Medical Center in D.C., but somebody screwed up and Googled the wrong picture.
How incompetent can you get?

And then they went and ignored copyright law for the 5th time by playing the Heart song “Barracuda” afterwards without permission. I swear, the Republicans are just as bad as the Chinese when it comes to ignoring copyright laws.

And now it looks like Sarah Palin is such a HUGE asset for the Republican ticket that they’ve decided to hole her up in Alaska and not let her talk to the media for the duration of the campaign.

Meanwhile, it looks like the “bounce” from the Palin pick fell a bit short.

Finally, Karl Rove is a raging hypocrite.
But then, you probably already knew that.

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