Friday, August 08, 2008

Who’s next? Bin Laden’s milk man?

The Bush administration finally finished its first prosecution of one of the big, bad, scary “terrorists” from Guantanamo using the controversial military tribunal system and what did the guy get?
An acquittal from the most serious charge (conspiracy) and a five and a half year sentence which, with time served subtracted out comes to just five months.
But what did you expect? The guy was not a big-shot al-Qaeda operative. He was Osama bin Laden’s driver, fer crying out loud! What’s next? Are they going to go after bin Laden’s gardener? His milk man? The pool boy? Sheesh!
If this was their best case then we might as well just throw in the towel right now and let everyone go. I mean, what were they thinking? Shouldn’t they have started out with their No. 1 worst terrorist in custody? I assume we’ve got a few who are more serious threats than this former Bedouin goat herder with a fourth-grade education.
My Lord, these people are incompetent.
Bin Laden and his minions clearly have nothing to worry about until we can finally get these oafish buffoons out of office. It will be up to Obama to finally catch Osama.

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