Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not guilty? Kill him anyway, justices say

The state of Alabama was forced to halt an execution when another man confessed to killing the person the condemned man was set to die for.
Incredibly, the vote to halt the execution was not unanimous.

The Alabama Supreme Court postponed executing a man after an inmate claimed in an sworn statement to defense attorneys that he committed the murder that sent the condemned man to death row.
The justices in a 5-4 vote late Wednesday stopped the execution by injection of Thomas Arthur "pending further orders of this Court."

How could four state supreme court justices vote to continue an execution in the face of clear evidence that the condemned man may be innocent? That is just reprehensible!
Furthermore, how many other innocent people are on death row, or have already been executed, for crimes they did not commit?
The death penalty is a barbaric, immoral, unChristian practice that should be banned and replaced with a penalty of life without parole.

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