Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why vote for Barack Obama?

Oh boy! I’ve been challenged to defend my support for Barack Obama by a youthful blogger named Steve Kroll living way up in the northern hinterlands of Milwaukee.
Steve asks that I give an answer that has nothing to do with John McCain, but rather why I think Obama is qualified and what particular stances I agree with him on.
Sounds like fun!
But one of the challenges will be trying to craft an answer that can bridge the generation gap between us. My youthful challenger lists his age on his blog as 20. My goodness! That means he wasn’t old enough to vote in the last presidential election. He was only about 12 during the 2000 election fiasco that placed popular vote loser George W. Bush in the White House. And, he wasn’t even born when Ronald Reagan was in office!
Man, I feel old!
When I was Steve’s age, I was casting my first vote for Ronald Reagan. I thought people who were planning to vote for Walter Mondale were nuts. So I know something about how opinions can change over time. And I think it is a positive sign that Steve is reaching out to liberal bloggers such as myself trying to answer a question that must be weighing heavily on his mind. How can anyone justify voting for Barack Obama?
Well, I will have to sleep on that one and try and answer it in the morning.

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