Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Goose" Gossage

Congratulations to Goose Gossage for his election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Goose just missed election last year and benefitted this year from having no obvious shoo-in candidates added to the ballot. Unfortunately, Jim Rice missed election by a handful of votes this time along with Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven, all of whom I think should be in the HoF.
Maybe we should lower the threshhold for entry to 60 percent of the vote rather than 75 percent - in that case, all of the above players would have made it in. Either that or get a less pig-headed group of sports writers to cast ballots.
This was the last chance for Dave Concepcion and now it will be up to Veterans Committee whether he will ever get in. And my favorite, Chuck Knoblauch, did not recieve enough votes to remain on the ballot next year. I’m not surprised.
Next year, Ricky Henderson should be a shoo-in for election and hopefully Rice, Dawson or Blyleven may be able to squeak in at the same time.

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