Monday, January 21, 2008

E-N discovers blogging (again)

Imagine if the local newspaper (San Antonio Express-News) decided to do a big feature story on mariachi music in San Antonio, but then interviewed just one guy who plays the guitarrĂ³n.
That is essentially what they did the other day for a story about blogging and politics when the only local blogger they talked to was my friend Nick Marinelli at Conservative Dialysis.
I’ll admit that this was at least an improvement from the last time they did a feature on blogging when they couldn’t find any local bloggers to talk to and had to go all the way to Austin to find someone to feature.
Another problem I had with the story was when the reporter threw in this tidbit to demonstrate the impact of blogging on politics:

In 2004, conservative bloggers successfully debunked a "60 Minutes" story that purported to show President Bush received preferential treatment in terms of his National Guard service.

What they “debunked” was the network’s confidence in some faxed documents on which they based a particular story about Bush’s National Guard service. It is still unclear whether or not the documents were truly forgeries and, if so, who made them and why.
What was not “debunked” was the fact that George Bush recieved preferential treatment in terms of his National Guard service. That much, at least, is unquestionably true, and the whole 60 Minutes controversy served only to obscure this fact.

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