Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gurwitz hearts Rudy

Jonathan Gurwitz has a throwaway column today, which is fine and to be expected every once in awhile. He spends the better part of it quoting humorous comments from Stephen Colbert.
But he closes off the piece with a paen to his favorite presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. He is overly excited about the following quote, as if it offers some kind of refreshing directness and steadfastness not found in the statements of other candidates. Here is the quote:

"If I come out here and I take a poll and I try to figure out what you all believe, and then I just repeat to you what you all believe, then I'm a follower. I may be a good actor if I do it well, but I'm a follower.

"What you're entitled to from me is what I really believe, the sum total of my intellect, my experience, my education, my conscience, my heart, my mind. And then you have a right to agree with that, disagree with it, partially agree, partially disagree and then figure out if I'm the right person for you to support.

"But for me to twist myself all up to try to figure out exactly what you want to hear and today say one thing and the next day another thing and a year from now — if you do that too long, you lose the sense of what leadership is all about."

That’s fine and all, but he didn’t really say anything there, now did he? It’s not like he was clarifying or defending any of his social positions that conservatives might have concerns with. He just talked around them. But that somehow makes him less of a tailor and straddler, according to his fawning fan Mr. Gurwitz.

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