Saturday, September 09, 2006

A hunting we will go...

Check out the front page of Saturday's San Antonio Express-News.
A big photo of Gov. Rick Perry in full hunting regalia complete with a dead buck. And here is the caption that runs with the photo (I kid you not):

Gov. Rick Perry's image as a hunter is so important in Texas politics that his campaign provided this picture.

And so, of course, the Express-News dutifully ran the picture on the front page of the paper today. Thank you, Express-News! I'm sure the Rick Perry for Governor campaign greatly appreciates it!

Sheesh! I suppose tomorrow they might as well formally endorse the governor and drop the charade of being objective in this election.


On Sunday the E-N had another story on the governor’s race, this one about the importance of religion in the campaign. The only surprise was that they did not run a photo of Gov. Perry on his knees, praying in church. I suppose the Rick Perry for Governor campaign missed a great opportunity by not supply the E-N with that photo.

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