Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 41st birthday. My wife surprised me at work by dropping by at lunchtime with the kids in tow bringing a cookie cake that she made and a balloon. We spent yesterday, the Fourth, at the zoo and had a really good time. My little boy is going to turn 3 soon and my little girl is seven months.
On Sunday we decided to go see the movie Cars (the earliest possible showing) and the kids did extremely well. Isabel slept through the whole thing in her car seat and Nathan sat in my lap and was enthralled with the whole film. Pixar is a national treasure and I’m glad the folks at Disney decided to wise up and maintain their relationship with the company. It was the first time Nathan had seen a movie in a theater (not counting the 3-D shorts we saw at Disney World last year). Nevertheless, we aren’t planning to do this very often. Watching movies in theaters will continue to be a rarity for me for the next several years at least.

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