Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Unwise fashion choices

The Wall Street Journal has a hilarious story on the front page today (not available online):

Baggy Pants Often Trip Up Thieves
Perpetrators wearing low-slung, baggy pants fairly regularly get tripped up in their getaways, a development that has given amused police officers and law-abiding citizens a welcome edge in the fight against crime.

The story gives several examples of thieves trying to run away after a robbery only to have their pants fall down around their ankles leaving them flopping around like a fish out of water.
One unlucky chap trying to elude police tried to leap over a fence only to have his baggy trousers get snagged. He was found dangling upside down on the other side.

Just about every week, Jim Matheny, a 41-year-old police lieutenant in Stamford, Conn., says he gets into a foot chase with youths. He says it’s getting easier to capture them because they can’t run fast or far in those loose jeans.
“When I catch them, I tell them they’d do much better if they had pants that fit,” he says. “It’s like: ‘Hey dude, buy a belt and save yourself some trouble.’”

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