Friday, March 17, 2006

Gov. Perry calls Bush a Liar

While touring the Texas Panhandle areas damaged by the recent grassfires, Gov. Rick Perry told reporters that he has asked President Bush for federal aid.
He then added the following:

He said the federal government made "very substantial promises" about reimbursements for help the state provided after Hurricane Katrina but "has not lived up to its word." That concerns him as Texas needs help with wildfires, he said.

So the "federal government" has not lived up to its word, which is a nice way of saying that they lied. But who is the "federal government" in this case who is not good to their word? Who made these "very substantial promises"? President Bush, perhaps?

This isn't the first time that Perry has complained about broken promises from Washington:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican who holds George W. Bush's former job, told Congress Tuesday the federal government has turned its back on the Lone Star State. He demanded an additional $2 billion to repair damage and other hurricane-related costs in Texas.
Perry criticized the federal response to the devastating storms, saying states slammed by Katrina are getting more generous help than his state, which bore the brunt of Hurricane Rita.
"Financial aid has been a fraction of what was promised," Perry told the Senate Appropriations Committee. Funding for housing, education and community development has been shortchanged, he said.

I'm afraid that if Perry gets any shriller about the Bush administration breaking promises that we will see Karl Rove coming out and reminding everyone that Perry used to be a Democrat.

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