Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another press conference

Bush had another press conference today? Good grief! It’s either feast or famine with this guy. Has this become a new addition to his permanent everyday schedule?

7 a.m. Get up and go for morning jog;
7:30 a.m. Eat breakfast;
8:30 a.m. Briefing from Condi and Rove;
9 a.m. Hold press conference to defend decision on Iraq;
10 a.m. Nap time...

Speaking of Iraq, here is an excellent timeline compiled by the folks at Think Progress.
Also, the WaPo has a couple of good stories today worth checking out

Freedom, Yes, Iraqis Say, But at Great, Grave Cost

BAGHDAD, March 20 -- By almost any standard, Bashar Muhammed, the owner of a thriving Internet cafe, is a Baghdad success story. Three years after the United States invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein, the Internet business here is booming, and Muhammed has what most Iraqis could only dream of under Hussein -- freedom, a cutting-edge job, lots of customers.
But when conversation turns to his life and prospects, he sighs and voices frustration that Americans just don't get it.
"It is true that we got freedom after the war, but uncontrolled freedom -- chaos and violence," he said in a cool, deliberate tone. Five of his relatives have been killed in car bombings and assassinations, Muhammed said, noting that most recently an uncle was killed for being a Sunni Arab.
"The new generation is growing on violence and sectarian ethics, and this will affect Iraq for many years to come," he said. "We are living a more devastating war every day."

Old Forecasts Come Back to Haunt Bush

Three years of upbeat White House assessments about Iraq that turned out to be premature, incomplete or plain wrong are complicating President Bush's efforts to restore public faith in the military operation and his presidency, according to pollsters and Republican lawmakers and strategists.

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