Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bush’s awful, horrible budget

What a pathetic waste of paper this is. There is no chance that Bush’s sorry excuse for a budget will ever see the light of day. Nevertheless, I think it is important that everyone study the proposed budget to see just how screwed up and misguided our president’s policies really are. The Wall Street Journal has excellent coverage of all the atrocities contained within Bush’s recipe for disaster.

Much of the squeezing would be of programs aimed at low-income Americans - and wouldn't save all that much money in the aggregate.

The budget is cowardly in the way it fails to address entitlement spending; frivolous in the way it handles defense spending; and downright cruel in the way it slashes domestic programs for the poor that will result in little to no savings - Especially when you realize he is more than offsetting any of those savings with requests for even more tax cuts for the wealthy.

But as the WSJ points out, this budget will be DOA when it gets to the Congress.

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