Friday, September 09, 2005

Colin Powell joins the Angry Left

It looks like former Secretary of State Colin Powell has joined the ranks of the “Angry Left” in pointing fingers and casting blame over Hurricane Katrina.

"There have been a lot of failures at a lot of levels -- local, state and federal," Powell said in an ABC interview for the "20/20" program to be broadcast on Friday evening.

"There was more than enough warning over time about the dangers to New Orleans. Not enough was done. I don't think advantage was taken of the time that was available to us, and I just don't know why," Powell said.

Meanwhile, it looks like FEMA Director Michael Brown has been handed his head and told to go back to Washington.
The administration’s spin is that Brown is needed back in D.C. to “carry out broader responsibilities,” but the odds are that we will never hear from him again.

That is unless President “The Buck Never Stops Here” Bush decides to award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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