Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Right-wing radio monopoly

While some folks are concerned about alleged liberal bias in our local newspaper. I rarely hear about the overwhelmingly one-sidedness of San Antonio’s talk radio stations. We currently have four stations on the AM dial that are devoted almost strictly to the talk radio format including one religious talk station - 1200 WOAI, owned by Clear Channel Communications which is headquartered here in San Antonio; 930 KLUP; 550 KTSA; and 630 KSLR.

The programming lineups on these stations are downright scary. There is not a liberal voice to be found anywhere as best I can tell. I suppose there could be someone on KTSA with a slightly moderate view now and again because they have a lot of local people on the air who I have not listened to. However, all of the major syndicated shows and primetime slots are all right-wing all the time.

Here is the lineup so you can see for yourself:

The Glenn Beck Program
The Schnitt Show
Jeff Bolton
Sean Hannity

Bill Bennett
Laura Ingraham
Dennis Prager
Michael Medved
Mike Gallagher

Bill O’Reilly
Michael Reagan

James Dobson's Focus on the Family
Chuck Colson’s BreakPoint
Take A Stand with Adam McManus - Talk Radio with Guts!

There was a lot of fuss a while back about the launch of the liberal radio station Air America featuring Al Franken, but you can’t listen to it here.

I was curious whether there were any right-wing yakkers that aren’t on the air in San Antonio. It turns out there are still quite a few that the local stations can fall back on to keep their 24-7 right-wing propaganda mill running indefinitely. In the docks we have G. Gordon Liddy, Ollie North, Cal Thomas, Beverly LaHaye, Laura Schlessinger, Bob Grant, Bob Barr, Ken Hamblin, Larry Elder, Neal Boortz, and many, many more.

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