Friday, March 04, 2005

Movie Update

Since my last check of movies I’ve seen and want to see I can move a grand total of four films off of my To See list:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
I, Robot

Harry Potter was good. Collateral was riveting. I,Robot was OK and De-Lovely was delightful.

I have purchased or acquired four more films off the list, but haven’t yet watched them:

Bourne Supremacy
Van Helsing
The Alamo
Shark Tale

Those four go on top of my stack of 2003 films that I have purchased or acquired but have yet to watch:

Big Fish
Open Range
The Missing
In America
Winged Migration
The Fog of War
Cheaper By the Dozen

To my list of movies I still want to see I would add

Hotel Rwanda
House of Flying Daggers
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Vanity Fair

The Academy Awards were kind of ho-hum this year without a Lord of the Rings picture in the mix. I thought Aviator was going to sweep most of the awards and was really surprised when Martin Scorcece didn’t win the Best Director trophy. I was happy for Clint Eastwood, but can’t help but think something is amiss when Eastwood now has two wins under his belt while Scorcece is 0 for 5.
I want to see all of the Academy Award nominated films with the exception of Sideways which I have no interest in.

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