Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Iceland springs chess champ

You would think our State Department would have better things to do than persecute a former chess icon for a 13-year-old sanctions violation.

Chess legend Bobby Fisher has finally been freed from a detention cell in Japan where he was being held since last July at the request of the Bush administration.

Fischer, who has been held in detention since his arrest, claims his U.S. passport was revoked illegally and sued to block a deportation order to the United States, where he is wanted for violating sanctions imposed on the former Yugoslavia by playing an exhibition match against Russian Boris Spassky in 1992...
In Washington on Tuesday, the State Department said it had officially asked Japan to hand over Fischer because of the charges against him.
"That's what we've asked for," said Adam Ereli, deputy spokesman for the State Department. "Mr. Fischer is a fugitive from justice. There is a federal warrant for his arrest."

Good grief! They can't capture Osama bin Laden but by golly they rounded up that dangerous fugitive Bobby Fisher! Woohoo!
Now that Iceland has foiled Bush's attempt to bring Fisher to justice what will he do next? Launch a military invasion?

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