Friday, February 04, 2005

Star Trek Enterprise canceled

The Star Trek franchise has had a really rought time lately.

UPN has just announced that it is canceling 'Enterprise' , the Star Trek prequel series at the end of this season. That means Enterprise will be the second shortest run series of the entire franchise at just four seasons - second only to the original Star Trek series which lasted just three seasons.

Needless to say I am not happy about this decision and will obviously have no more reason to ever watch UPN. I’ll be contacting my cable provider later this year to petition them to drop UPN in favor of the Watching Paint Dry channel.

The last Star Trek movie - Nemesis - did so poorly at the Box Office {43 million} that it probably killed the chances of there being any more Next Generation movies and may have also snuffed any hopes of movies based on the Deep Space or Voyager series as well.

That’s a shame because there isn’t much left to watch on TV these days. I’m down to ER, Lost and Judging Amy as the only shows I still follow on a regular basis.

I imagine the Star Trek series was a big target for cancellation due to its high production costs in an era dominated by low-production reality shows. Also, the country’s rightward shift may had an impact as Star Trek has always had a decidely liberal utopian outlook on the future. How many people who think the United Nations should be shut down would watch a TV series about the formation of the United Federation of Planets?

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