Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The real Social Security crisis

Democrats might as well admit that there really is a Social Security crisis.
I know the facts are on the side of those who say the Social Security crisis is a myth and that it has been manufactured by the Bush administration.
But facts don’t matter in this case. The reality is that Bush has another four years to wreak havoc on this country and that fact alone is the reason why Social Security is in a crisis. Having a president and a Republican administration that is intent on slashing benefits and eliminating the guarantees that are at the heart of Social Security is the real crisis we are faced with today.

While this is a serious concern, I am also optimistic that the sheer incompetence of the Bush administration will undercut their efforts to do too much damage to Social Security. I would expect that Bush’s privatization plan for Social Security will be signed into law about the same time that his manned mission to Mars gets under way.
Just remember that the same folks who are insisting that Social Security is going to go bankrupt are the ones who swore that Saddam Hussein had enormous stockpiles of WMDs.

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