Friday, January 02, 2004

Neil Bush - Worst presidential relative of all-time

Wow! In one day President Bush’s brother Neil made at least $798,218 on three stock trades in a small U.S. high-tech company where he had been a consultant, according to an AP report at
Remember how people gave Hillary Clinton such a hard time for her cattle future trades dating back to the late ‘70s? She supposedly used her connections to turn a $1,000 investment into $6,300 overnight. Scandalous!!!
Well, it would seem that what Neil Bush has done dwarfs that by about a hundred fold. So where is the outrage??

Neil Bush has lately been really busy
rehabilitating the reputations of Billy Carter and Roger Clinton. Neil makes those two embarrassing presidential brothers looks absolutely respectable these days.

As if the financial scandals weren’t bad enough, Neil has lately compounded things with his sleazy sexual escapades and the resulting break-up of his 22 year marriage.

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