Monday, August 18, 2003

Enter Gen. Wesley Clark

It is looking more likely that General (Ret.) Wesley K. Clark will join the 2004 presidential race. He gave an interview to CNN over the weekend in which he took some well targeted shots at that weasel Tom DeLay.

I may be speaking too soon, but I don’t see Clark making a serious run for the nomination. I see his entry into the race more as a bid for a spot on the ticket as a vice presidential candidate or as an effort to raise his profile in order to win a cabinet post in the next Democratic administration.

I know I am dismissing candidates way too early, but I quite frankly see the race coming down to a choice between Sen. John Kerry and Gov. Howard Dean. My biggest fear right now is that many of the people who have become emotionally attached to the Dean campaign may become disillusioned should he fall short of the nomination.

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