Monday, February 10, 2003

Got to see "Catch Me If You Can" this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tom Hanks plays an FBI agent in the financial crimes section who becomes obsessed with catching a teenage mimic who has been cashing bad checks and passing himself off as everything from an airline pilot to a hospital administrator. The movie makes you side with Leonardo DiCaprio's character right from the beginning by drawing you into his shattered world at the point where his parents are breaking up. It takes longer, however, to feel empathy for the Tom Hanks character who comes across first like the police official in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables chasing after some poor guy who stole a crust of break to feed his starving family. Of course, DiCaprio's character is stealing a bit more than just bread. By the time the movie is well underway, he is driving around in Porsches and pretending to be like James Bond in Goldfinger.

The Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow morning and I am hoping that The Two Towers will get a Best Picture nod, but I am worried it may get passed over this year. We shall see. My best guess on the Oscar best picture nods is Chicago, Gangs of New York, The Hours, Lord of the Rings - Two Towers, About Schmidt.

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