Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Got to see The Bourne Identity last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. James Bond is great and all, and I still need to see the latest Bond flick, but this is what future Bond pictures should strive to be like. A hero who relies on his skills and instincts to survive, rather than charm and fancy gadgets. I'm looking forward to the next movie in the series The Bourne Supremacy which is now in the script stage according to several movie web sites.
In other movie news, The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers has earned $316 million domestically so far, passing up Fellowship of the Ring for the No. 9 spot on the All-Time list. It should pass up the first Harry Potter film later this week.

Things were jumping around here today as news that Toyota has selected San Antonio for its next automotive plant finally was confirmed. It could very well reshape the southern portion of the city which has been in need of a healthy dose of economic development. The $800 million plant will employ about 2,000 people and have an annual payroll upwards of $80 million.

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