Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The Baseball Hall of Fame's newly reformatted Veteran's Committee has failed to elect a single person to the Hall of Fame this year. No one was deemed worthy enough, not Gil Hodges, or Ron Santo, or Joe Torre, or Marvin Miller, or Tony Oliva, or Roger Maris.
That should not be a surprise to anyone except for the morons who run the Hall of Fame. They took what had been a 15-member committee and expanded it to more than 80 people. Then they gave everyone a ballot with 100 names on it and a strict rule that only people receiving 75 percent support can win election to the Hall. Well, Surprise!! No one will meet that standard - ever - (at least not without a lot of hype and a major marketing campaign) and the Veterans Committee is effectively defunct from here on out. Maybe that is what these holy guardians of the baseball temple wanted. They were apparently upset that the old Veterans Committee had been inducting too many people whom they did not deem worthy enough. So they charged the group with "cronyism" and came up with the new format.
Now that we can no longer count on the Veterans Committee to correct the more egregious ommissions of the Baseball Writers Association, is there any hope left? I'm not sure, but as long as they continue this charade along with their refusal to allow the All-Time Hits Leader Pete Rose on the ballot, the Hall of Fame will be plauged with controversy rather than accolades.

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