Monday, January 27, 2003

Finally went to see the latest Star Trek movie this weekend - Nemesis. (George Lucas had already taken the name they really wanted - Attack of the Clone). I'm glad I went to see it before it left the theaters. I think I've managed to see every Star Trek flick in the theaters. It had some good moments and for the most part was a pretty good B-grade action movie. As someone who would just as soon watch a rerun of a Star Trek Next Generation episode as anything else on TV these days, I'd says it was worth going to see. However, it wasn't as good as say, First Contact - the Borg movie, and had some glaring inconsistencies. For instance, it would seem that Picard's young clone, who spent his entire childhood being tortured by Romulans, would first want to use his super-destructo ray (or whatever it was) on the Romulans before trekking across the galaxy in the usual bid to destroy Earth.
I was also very disappointed with the ending as it concerned the character of Data. I won't say anymore so as not to give away the movie, but it is just something that future Star Trek writers will just have to get Q or someother immortal being to fix up.

A much better movie that we caught on DVD this weekend was About A Boy starring Hugh Grant. Lots of thumbs up for that one. Definitely one to squeeze onto my Top 10 films of the year list.

The Super Bowl was kind of a bore this year. I was uninterested in either team at first but decided to root for the Buccaneers because they were supposed to be the underdogs. But after they started stomping all over the helpless Raiders (which made me wonder how the Raiders got there in the first place) I began pulling for the Raiders to make at least a feeble come back effort so as not to completely humiliate themselves - which is what they eventually did. The best thing about the game, of course, were the ads and I particularly wanted to see the movie ads for the upcoming summer blockbusters. The Matix sequels naturally look awesome and The Hulk movie looks pretty good too (although one reviewer noted that the computer-generated Hulk character looks too much like Shrek -- Yes, I miss Lou Ferrigno).
I also want to see The Dare Devil movie since it was one of my favorite comics as a kid.

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